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I was a bit angry in the early morning, but today was a good day. I did well at work completing one of my projects in time and making contribution to other team projects. I need to keep operating at that level. I am still working on my relationship with my boss..i know how to rub him the right way..and bit by bit I will get there.

I agreed to go to a birthday celebratuon of my brother in law this coming saturday , even though um not in mood to mingle. But not going will put more drift between me and my wife and going may bring us a little closer…or may be disastrous

I also met a guy..a mechanic, he noticed a funny sound from my car’s engine and told me what it was..he seemed very knowlegable..we exchanged numbers and i hope he will not cost me an arm and a leg…i was happy we met.

It was a very good by day..i will get there….