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Day 279 – I invest nearly 50% of every check I take in at the moment. I’m living as cheap as possible. I have some basic urges. Some days the urges seem to be stronger than other days. That’s when I’m not having things change… I noticed the other day I got a call about my job ending. This is pretty normal in my industry. I work freelance so jobs come and go. Of course it was a tough pill to swallow but the odd thing was that I felt the urge to gamble more at that moment or a few minutes later. When emotionally hurt I just want to say screw it… and when I say screw it that somehow means gambling. I know I want that rush. The rush will make it feel better. Winning some cash would make it feel better…. It’s bullcrap. Gambling and the rush are a lie. They are satan sitting on my shoulder saying look at that… it will make you feel good. He’s a lier. He’s a hater. He’s wrong. Day 279.