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Dear (((Liz)))! How sweet that your grandson is writing down what he is doing and seeing so he can share it with you and his Mom. it’s great that he spending time with his Dad and extended family and having new experiences. Seeing turtles in the ocean and snorkelling rocks! I’m happy to hear that you have some plans on what you are going to do to stay gamble free this coming year. You have been through so much and have so much to look forward to. Those first anniversaries after a person you love dies are painful, but it does get easier as timer passes. Gambling doesn’t lessen our pain, it only increases it, as it is so unsatisfying. It’s like eating one potato chip. Gambling never fills any emotional void. It just erodes our self-esteem and creates new problems. I’d love to see your new hair color, as I’m sure it looks really nice. Good for you for having the courage to experiment. Carole