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Hi’s been a while since I posted here. A lot has changed, but then – nothing really. My husband lives in Hawaii now, I am still in Vegas and we are separated.

I went to visit him 4 months ago and realized he is betting a lot on sports.

I realized he still has the addiction. We didn’t talk about it I stayed for a week only..

He has been distant…and then tonight he messaged me that HE IS OVER LIFE. That he can’t stop gambling, no matter where he lives. He said he makes $4000 and loses $2000. And that he is going to swim with the sharks.

I responded to him and was able to get another response in which he said that he owes $500 to a sportsbook guy and that he doesn’t have enough. That this has happened so many times and he borrowed money from his mom and his boss and paid them back but that he can’t ask again. he said it will never end and that he is lonely and doesn’t care about anything.

I have sent him several messages and called him 4-5 times, he is not picking up or responding….

I am worried about him – it has now been 3 hrs since he last responded to me and I don’t know if I should call someone?

His mom never wanted to accept the fact he is gambling, and we argued about it many times 2 years ago. That was when we talked last.

Other than her, I can call his friend who I saw 3 times 4 months ago and we never spoke since.

What should I do?