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Hi ungrateful traitorous daughter. Firstly you are only one of those things… a daughter!! Secondly your mom certainly sounds like a compulsive gambler which I am sure you already suspect.
I know its very difficult as she is your mom and you are close but you may need a sit down talk with her. Explain your concerns and let her know that you can’t be a participant in this by driving her to the store etc. She will undoubtedly be angry but addicts always are when you come between them and their drug of choice. You know you are a good daughter and love your mom which is why this concerns you. When a CG gets angry they start manipulating and throwing all sorts of insults around. If you can find a way to let this roll over you and not bite you will have a little more success.
As she had issues with gambling in the past this isn’t just entertainment for her. Compulsive gambling is a serious progressive addiction that can sneak up on people in a matter of no time so you are right to be concerned.
Keep writing and talking… it helps to get some perspective!