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Morning Kathryn
I was glad to read your post and you are now content again.  Sounds lovely watching your son fall asleep and smelling the ocean, you live near the sea, how beautiful.  I would sit and look at it all the time. i love watching the waves.  Especially when it is overcast.  I fry in the sun.  We are lucky to have here, Harry unjumbling things for you, it is comforting knowing we have them there isnt it!  Ive been thinking about our chat and the self exclusion thing, i so wish they did that here.  Here there are so many little places absolutely everywhere.  I wish there was a one step self exclusion that covered the whole of Oz. 
Anyway glad to hear you are feeling good now and i have my morning cuppa with you, i think we may be posting round the same time today.  Im not starting my healthy plan till Jan 1, oh wow, i just realized how far away that is, yikes. Better get some eating in while i can hehe.