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Happy Thursday!  It is a beautiful GF day – it is about 77degrees out….winter is finally gone!
Today is day 9.  Tomorrow I get paid.  As I read in Diva’s post, payday is a treacherous day for most cg’s.  I know it is for me.  This morning, I balanced my checkbook with what I will get paid tomorrow and paid every bill until the end of July.  It is out of my checkbook and off to the right people.  I have been pretty successful at paying my bills at least a month ahead until  early April and all of May of this year.  I slipped up BAD.  My latest fall started in April when I visited my sister out by Seattle.  There a plenty of casinos out there.  After going to the casino 3x in 5 days out there, I continued my lunatic gambling spree when I returned home to Wisconsin.  I live about 45 miles from the Minnesota Border, where there are also plenty of casinos.  Like I said earlier I just banned myself from the 2nd casino in MN.  Thank God!  I spent about $4,000 on gambling in those 2 months alone.  I can drain a bank account in mere seconds.
I also read a post today about cg’s learning or relearning the true meaning of what money is.  I have always worked for the money I have.  No handouts.  My Dad was very strict with his money and didn’t spend it on hardly anything but necessities and saved the rest.  We lived in a very nice house, but we all worked for what we had.  I had quite the babysitting business going from the time I was 9 years old through the end of Jr. High.  I had to buy all of my own clothes, pay for school activities, give money to church and pay for pretty much anything else I wanted since I was 9 years old.  Maybe this is why I am so messed up about money.  My brother has the same issues I do, but my oldest sister does not, she hoardes her money and does not like to spend it.  We are all weird 🙂
I better get back to work.  Have a great day!
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