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Can’t cope

Thank you for your reply Geordie
It has been such a long journey already and I am struggling to stay strong with him.
From the moment he wakes up he is text me at work. I ignore him but end up with hundreds of messages asking why I am ignoring him. The job is new and there is a lot of training to do and its very hard to focus when he is behaving like this.
From the minute I get in from work he is pestering me for money. His mood changing from sad and apologetic to menacing and cruel and back again until I finally try and go to sleep.
I say sleep but I don’t, the stress of all this plays on my mind so heavily.
I know he needs to be ready to change and he tells me he is but it is always another way of manipulating me trying to get more money. Today he accused me of trying to force him into committing suicide because he feels I hate him so much.
Its so tiring.