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I can relate to how you are feeling. Not easy to do what we need to when we ourselves are dealing with so much. It shows how strong you really are. It’s understandable to want an escape. And that’s what gambling was. We just didn’t know we were escaping to hell! Now you need a new escape. Your movie, your walk, your GA meeting. You time. Make it a priority, make you a priority. Without you your little family would be lost. See if you can carve out a little bit of me time. Tough but you are important too! I used to have a lot of insomnia too so can relate to how you are feeling. Now my pain medications make me sleep. Not a good way to have to cure insomnia but it turned out to be a wonderful side affect. I love being able to sleep when my pain isn’t keeping me awake. I hope this post finds you in dreamland. xo Laura