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Wow, all I can say to your response is wow @ Losingitslowly. I really appreciate you for taking the time to write that. The gambling has hit me hard this time. I am not able to recover quickly from losses as I used to be able to when I was younger. Because of this, it seems a depression has risen from the recent losses / the recent relapses. With that being said, your words are needed more than ever.

I appreciate you sharing your suggestions as well as your wisdom as a person who has been alive longer than I have. Everything you said is on point. The casino has no feelings, no sympathy. A person can lose their entire life literally to gambling and the casino wouldn’t care. With that being said, I know deep down that if I do not stop now, the rest of my life will be miserable.

My mind is unclear at the moment, so I don’t think this response is as good as it could’ve been, but the bottom line is that your words are powerful to me @ Losingitslowly and I needed to read all of that. Often times gamblers continue gambling because no one cares to try and stop them or to try and tell them things that will stop them. It is such a great thing you have done in using your story and lessons to help others such as myself. I can say I have not gambled since I posted the first post in this thread, and am aiming for that to have been the last time.