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Hi sammy24 sorry I just saw your post on my thread I hope that you were able to get open and honest with the person you were dealing with. I no its a hard process but once that can of worms is open it starts the healing process.

I haven’t had much to say the last few days as I’m doing ok right now. I’m doing my stepwork tonight with my sponsor. I saw my counselor on Monday so im pretty clear headed right now. I booked a 5 day vacation for June to use up my flights that I had to cancel from getting covid so I have something to look forward to now. I’m taking charge of my shop in a few days so I’ll have less stress at work from my grumpy boss being around other than trying to fufill a major workload. I got to weld all day today so I was by myself and got to relax a bit so it was nice. I didn’t go to any negative places with my thoughts sometimes I tend to wander when welding but I was more concentrated which isn’t normal for me. Thats a good sign I like that my brain is able to not be so depressed and jumping from a million different thoughts. Whatever I’m doing is working I’m more peaceful which is really nice. I’m at 140 days gamble free so thats a great feeling to. I have alot to be grateful for today.

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