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Hi Neecy
It’s good to hear more from you. I am sorry I used the word ‘husband’, as it was not correct – I hope this did not offend. I can see that you are deeply concerned about your partner.

I imagine from seeing Velvet’s posts that you have been trying to use the live group session – I think you will benefit greatly from that, so I hope you will not have any technical problems next time. Velvet has a wealth of experience and great ability to help people with your kind of questions.

I can see how much you give of yourself to try to help your partner change his life. Again, I want to gently suggest that you also take some time to think of yourself and maybe choose one thing to help you cherish yourself and, for a moment, put all the gambler’s problems aside. Looking after you can become the best way, ultimately, of standing against this horrible addiction. That may not yet make sense, but stick with us! Everyone here will want to see you blossom and be joyful again. We do not know what your future is going to be like in any detail, of course, but we want you to be well and content.
Very best wishes again,