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Hold on in there! I hope you are feeling a little better now and can feel the support you have here 🙂 I always believe that everything in life happens for a reason even the ‘not so good’ bits. Sometimes we can’t see at the time why such thing would happen but further down the line the reason becomes very obvious.
My cg is my son and he has not been to rehab, so I cannot offer you any insight into that bit. The only think I would say is to be in rehab a ‘crossroads’ would have been reached and I think it’s great he is being encouraged to be truthful. The letter sounds, to me, like the addiction having a last ‘poke’ at you but of course to assume is very dangerous. Change is very often very scary, especially if you are not expecting it, however, change is also very good. Would you like the same man to emerge from Rehab? or a much improved version, who can be truthful to you? Use the time apart to rebuild for yourself, to get strong and have some fun. One day at a time, you are in the best place and we are all here for you. Sending you a cyber ((HUG)). Best wishes San x