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Hi Jenny
Wow Jenny for a short post you managed to pack a lot it.
I was sorry to hear that the boys lost their dad due to his addiction, it would be good to hear how they are doing. I understand how being on this site and learning about the gambling addiction can help you cope with other things in your life and I am glad you felt you got the support you deserved. I think I use all I have learned with compulsive gambling in so many walks of my life that sometimes it seems as though having the addiction in my life was meant to be.
I like to think of GT being the hallowed halls and sometimes I do feel I am haunting them but it is my way of making sense of my experience.
Being stronger and better for coming out the other side I can relate to – would I do it again – absolutely not – I will never allow the addiction to gamble to control me again.
Thanks for popping back, it means a lot. I understand why many posters go on to live their lives away from this site because it is not a place to dwell – it is always good to hear positive outcomes however.
You were never thick, struggling to make sense of the senseless is where, I think, we all start – you have also never been forgotten
Enjoy your addiction free life – you deserve to be free.