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Hi Monica –
A few points – I didn’t mean you to take an entry level job at m and s – I was thinking something higher up- it might be worth looking to see what they have on offer – and I guess I thought of m and s cos they don’t seem to discriminate on age – by the way if anyone from m and s is reading this I am happy to come and work in your PR dept haha.
I am having a bit of difficulty getting the videos to down load on the links Laura posted for me but wow – how come I never found such brilliant stuff in all my time of posting. I can already see that I may have an alcohol addiction in its early stages even though I don’t drink regularly cos sometimes when I start I can’t stop.

I was feeling really low and I tried to post positive things . Can’t say it helped me much that day ! So don’t compare yourself to me – I have changed from a strong resilient woman into a weeping mess !

I hope what you say about dreams is subconscious telling you something – because I had a great dream night where I met a young man on one of my trips haha. Woke with a very big smile !!

Loving my trip – money is scarce but will have enough if we are careful . I am happy today .
Impatience is a character fault of most of us with gambling addiction so thank God for those waits you had – God is doing great work in your life !
Hope you you are happy today too !
Ps gonna try make it to 2pm open group if you are about –