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Jenny thank you, your words gave me encouragement today.

Last night he went from, begging, pleading, crying to saying fine do what you want to again pleading and begging I stayed silent and went to bed.

This morning I said I need to go out, and headed straight to the bank, printed out a mini statement and to my shock horror discovered he went gambling on the day we had a intervention. Whether this is before or after the meeting I don’t know.

He spent another 200 pounds….

I’m sitting in A coffee shop as I type this, it has dawned upon me that this is a very long and slippery road ahead.

This isn’t just I can handle this, I’m going to go counselling,
Everything will go back to normal.

He kept saying this morning he didn’t break the rules and I misunderstood him, he just wanted to get the phone back as he’s got a contract with it, and it would be a waste.

And that he hasn’t broken the rules technically, he asked for his bank card back so that he could check the balance.
I on the other hand remember a different story I had to calmly tell him that I will go to the bank, and that if there was money there I would get it for him the exact amount that the phone was.

He was saying last night forget it, keep the bank cards, I don’t want the phone, let them take it.

I’m confused, tired, shocked, I just don’t want to deal with this.

He begged me this morning again to let him stay, it’s Friday, the weekend he wants to take the kids out and spend time with them. He kept telling me don’t leave me, what about the kids, what about our family, the kids love him to death.

He said if this addiction wasn’t here we would be oke, which is true in a way, BUT the addiction IS HERE.

The bit that shocked me, was that his bank statement shows he went gambling on the day of the intervention…. I’m sure when confronted he will come up with some excuse or lie to cover it up.

I just don’t knw what to do at this point…..