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Sweet P, thank you for bringing me back. I am ok.
The last month has almost been a blur it has been so busy. The boys are on holidays, we are in the process of moving mum (which, I feel has become my sole responsibility but that’s another story), not to mention work work work. Im spreading myself out waaaay too thin and I know it but feel quite powerless in changing it as im not sure what could be changed. I have however organised a small break from work (10 days) and in this time I will be able to move mum to her new home, get the boys organised for school and have a little time for me left over. I haven’t gambled, doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it or wanted to go to my old escape. The simple truth is that we are fairly lean on the financial front at the moment so im not complaining, everything happens for a reason and I have a feeling that our lack of funds is my guardian looking out for me. If I had the chance, well, I don’t know if I would or not, the exclusion keeps me away which is still my best barrier, I don’t particularly want to be put in the position where I could gamble.
So, theres my update, not very exciting but geez I prefer that to my old life. My life is so much better without the gambling, I am making plans for my trip of a lifetime (not for at least 7 years) but im starting, im collecting books and information about places I want to go, im looking at what I want to do and see, its an exciting prospect. I have a feeling I will be travelling on my own which I actually think I would enjoy. Its not for a long way off but boy do these years fly and I want to be organised…….lol. So, on that note I will bid farewell. I am at work, a 12 hour shift and we are just starting to wind down for the day, I want to be out that door the minute the doctor leaves!!! For my lovelies that are feeling the cold right now, we have a week of 40c……ugh!!!
Love you all, K xxxxxxx