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Monica ,
I truly believe God walks with us and we can never fall too low for Him.
Although I would love not to have it , I also know that this addiction has made me a much better person – I have compassion for others with addiction – I have compassion for mothers who fall short of society’s expectations – I feel no matter what our background in terms of finance, education or the position in life we are born into – we are all so more equal than we might like to think we are and given the right opportunity or lack of opportunity we can all fall as low as it is possible to.
I am so glad you no longer think about suicide – isn’t it so much better to be here and suffer a little (or a lot)?
Isn’t it great to see the amazing sun rise every morning and know that God provides for the birds and animals and he will provide for us too.
We are here for a reason Monica – and we might never know what that reason is , but God has his own plans for each and every one of us .