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Hey Kathryn,
first off, no matter what else is going on, or perhaps even more so for the hurts and irritations that life is throwing your way, a great big wohoooooo for 9 months gamble free.  That is a great accomplishment!  You ARE worth the effort of being the true you.  And you have 9 months of laughs, family moments, good times and real life to prove it.  When we used to hide away from the rough patches we also forget to show up for the good times. 
So I’ll raise a glass K, may the rough days be short and few and far between, and the good days be long and often, and may we enjoy all the days inbetween. 
I’m sure you’ll have us all in fits of laughter again soon enough as we read your latest adventure.  Skinny jeans, mysterious odors, giant hairy spiders, and somewhere I recall a discussion surrounding spanx, lol. 
Have a great day Kathryn!