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gloria m

Welcome to this site.  I came here some time ago and it is a really good tool to use in your recovery.  As a compulsive gambler you have made the first step – admitted that you are a compulsive gambler and that your life has become unmanagable.  I don’t know if you have tried Gambler’s Anonymous or not but that is another great tool.  I think i takes a little bit of everything to get you through this journey.  I also signed up for one on one counselling here which really helped early on.  Put up road blocks if you can by having someone help you with handling your money and ban yourself from casinos that you frequent.  Banning yourself is really easy.  You go to the casino (don’t take any money, checks or credit cards with you) and tell them that you want to ban yourself.  They do so many of these that they are used to this request.  Keep in mind that if you go back and get caught sneeking in you could be ******** for tresspasing.  Keep reading and posting on this site.  Group therapy on this site is also great.  WELCOME to this site.  We are all here to help you if you are willing to accept it.Winning a jackpot will never be life changing, but gambling compulsively is for me.