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Sorry I didn’t get much chance to talk in group tonight.

Rock bottom is a difficult one for me – because of course I have heard that many stories that feel they were more “rock bottom” than my own. I think I hit rock bottom when I kept failing to stop gambling again and again. Even when I was attending GA and working the steps – being in counselling. I had to control my own money as I was very on my own at the time – but I still felt really bad when I couldn’t resist the lure of the machine. It only really turned around for me when I began a new relationship with someone who didn’t know me as a gambler and I then didn’t want her to see me as one. When that relationship ended – I did flirt with the idea of gambling away all the bad feelings I felt but then I thought if I am hurting now – why on earth should I hurt myself more.

So remember the hurt and know that you do not need to keep adding to it by gambling. A new life Idi!