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Hey man, I hear ya. I, too, am addicted to sports gambling. We realize we have a problem, which is really a big step. Few understand the emotional toll of sports betting. Never give up! You will feel better if you avoid betting. I know how hard it can be. But I also know true peace of mind comes from enjoying life as it comes rather than gambling it away. I just banned myself from a few sportsbook I use frequently. But really we need to get out of our own heads. I know when the slate of games start up my juices will be pumping. It is very hard. There is a technique known as surge the urge which has helped me. Basically, when the thoughts come in like a wave, you do something else (run, bike, read) and do not give those thoughts any life. We will need to surge these urges tonight so we can earn a day. I am with ya man as I am hurting as well.