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Thanks Vera for your post. I won’t give up hope for my Daughter! My first thought was that maybe it is good that her boyfriend is leaving but then I thought of her need for companionship and that it won’t be long till she is with someone else. She has been in so many abusive relationships both physical and mental. It’s just a scary thought! But I have no control over that. I just need to keep telling her how much I love her and how much she is worth to me. I will keep putting the offer of rehab to her also. I know that she knows how much I love her. She has told several family members that I am her angel. On my part, I have had tremendous gambling urges, probably from the stress. I haven’t gambled and I am not going to. I went to the grocery store and bought some shrimp as I am making shrimp scampi with pasta for my Mom and I for dinner today. I wanted to clean the storage room today but right now I don’t have any desire to. I am trying to get my head on straight and deal with the stress and fear. It’s just taking me some time. I will get there.