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      Hello :
      My name is Andy. I just self excluded myself for 60 days from 2 poker sites. This has been a few year struggle for me but the past few weeks have been really bad. I put 30 dollars in the computer as I always do and I cashed out 2000.00 in a day. then I put 100.00 and cashed out 1650.00 in a day. The problem is waiting for 48hours because usually by then it is all gone. The problem came after, I just can’t stop, I just keep thinking about it. The feeling of having money to play with is a need. Anyway I am going to try to stop because if my wife finds out about my last few large deposits I made I will likely be going though another difficult situation. I just told her i put in 1400.00 and now………..
      On my journey like I have been before to try to stop gambling.
      AndyAlways bring your A game.

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