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      I just want to stop gambling, today must be the day since I lose all dollar.
      I will not set foot at all in any casino at all.
      I hate this place and I just gamble to get out of here.
      I am very sure when I was out one night after I feel so depressed we try our luck with $20 and a photographer snapped my picture probably say "young gambler" I wish I confronted that guy, and if I ever find my picture online without my permission I will sue him.
      I don’t have a gambling problem then, I refuse to say I have. My ex in law had a gambling problem and when my ex told me about it I thought to myself I will never ever do that, but I just did.
      I gambled so much money, I feel lost, I feel so depressed, and suicidal, I have jitters, when the damn machine will give bonus round, indeed, september I pledge not to gamble since I set aside that money to get out of here by December but people online assure me to move out I need to have at least $10,000 so I am depressed and tried my luck, I should have known the casinos are nothing but scams. I’m trying to get back the money I lose, so when I hit big in one day I thought i will win again. The other casino ate up all my money, the other one too, then I win on another casino then I lose every dollar i have, like i said, those who win big, thousands and millions must be very lucky or scam runned by the casino owners/slot owners because I began to believe they don’t exist, I have been playing these machines for 3years and never win.
      I hate casinos and they took all my money. When I get a job I HOPE SO, this place is **** for jobs, I promise myself I will never ever gamble, no casino will get even 1 penny from me.
      Casinos you’re a scam give me back my money SOB.

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