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      From a discussion in the groups tonight.  If someone is annoying you are you really going to let THEIR actions affect YOUR recovery?


      For me that’s the LAST thing I would do.

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      “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig”!

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      When you deeply dislike someone, they have as much power over your thoughts as those you love.
      Those people don’t deserve to have any room in my thoughts, so letting them push me into gambling is giving them way more power over me than I am willing to give.
      If I were to blame someone for making me gamble, that is a copout. They might make me want to gamble, but to act on that trigger is all me. No-one can choose to do that for me.

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      You make the point of my post very nicely Kpat, thank you.

      We are all responsible for our own actions regardless of the actions or otherwise of anyone else.

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      If someone annoys me, i stand back and weigh things up. Who they are. What they mean to me. will effect my future.
      9/10 times they are no one , makes it easy then to ignore and laugh. The 1 outa 10 times when it maybe someone important to you, do the same, then compromise or eat humble pie….Lifes to short in these situations(even shorter for a cg we already wasted alot of time)!

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      I have learned to ignore when someone is annoying me. I used go say something but usually annoying people really don’t care and don’t get it. Ignoring has helped me to not feed into the nonsense. I have let another’s words lead me to gambling urges. I won’t go there again as I am giving that person too much power over my life!

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      True, Lizbeth.
      Nobody has the power to annoy us.
      Unless we give them that power.
      Nobody has the power to make us gamble.
      Gambling is always OUR choice.
      Situations and people can however, provide the stimulus.

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      Situations and people can provide the excuse- the excuse that us CGs are always too ready to make for ourselves.

      if we have no access we cannot gamble regardless of any situation or people.

      I had a “thing” for gambling long before I met the people who are in my life now. Most of us will find our problem can be traced back to our childhoods when we enjoyed gambling a little more than others did…
      different people, different situations – same problem.

      Although I have to say it would be nice to blame someone else for my tatty house, run down car, inability to get credit, inability to mange cash, inability to provide a nice holiday etc,etc.
      It would be nice to absolve my guilt…and let someone else take the blame…

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      Sometimes the person that annoys me the most is myself.the good thing is I have control over my ow actions no one else’s. I can get quite cranky at me some days.


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