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      My hubby is a CG with multiple other problems (Bipolar, sex adduct,ADHD,). He has had years of therapy with many therapists, we have had couples therapy, he has a psychiatrist meds wise. He has been to SA for a while and now goes to GA- You can read more about me on my thread referring to his above maladies –
      But my question is: We are now looking into dual dx gambling based rehabs. Some are CBT based, one is a partial prg of 10 days (you come home at night ) all CBT and skills work. We are looking for a combo of CBT and individual therapy I think but all our professionals we have asked her have voted against him going into rehab. His psychiatrist doesn’t believe he is able to really do insight oriented work to get to the root of why he does all these behaviors. He recommends the day tx CBT.
      I dont know if he is ready to do the work either – he said himself he has been fooling his therapists for years – he was doing all his gambling and sneaking away from work while actively in therapy! He also said he is anxious to go to Rehab so that he can “get it over with”. So I am not sure the emotional cost of him being away from the family for so long will be worth it..On the other hand he says he wants to get better (been sober 40 + days) and is terrified of me leaving him and taking the kids…
      I would love thoughts/advice/perspectives on this as we get closer to a decision. We are in the US and looking primarily at CG focused treatment centers. The Meadows is a fancy one out here (run by well known doctors) that treats everything I think but not sure we could afford it…Open to all suggestions.
      It has just been so hard on me and I want to know what to do next. I wake up fine everyday until I remember the situation we are in….then my stomach starts to churn, and I wind up nearing a panic attack…;(
      Thank you all in advance…
      MLucky me…..

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