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Hi San,

It was so good to see you and Berber in the chat room Tuesday. I always feel enriched after a group session. And I agree: Sometimes I don’t absorb everything that’s said, or miss something completely, so I’ve always copied and saved my chats. I really like this new site feature where it keeps a chat log for you. I’ve been trying to make Tuesday and Thursday groups regularly, but Wednesday group is at 5am for me! (I’m kinda grumpy that early – ha) I hope more of our F&Fs start coming back around soon.

I am very impressed that you are learning French … such a beautiful language. Are you teaching yourself or using a program? I would like to learn Spanish for practical purposes because so many of our Hispanic population here do not speak English. It’s hard to imagine me with my prominent Texan accent speaking Spanish …

So… I think you absolutely, 100%, should buy that new blouse for yourself, then go strut your stuff with your sweet partner. You so deserve it San – you really do. You deserve that, and the hedgehog thing, your painting and so much more. What you don’t deserve is that 1% uncertainty. And the bookies certainly don’t deserve another cent of yours! Yes m’am YOU GO GIRL!

See you in group soon.