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Happy New Year. I will read your post on my thread in a minimo. What I will say is
Don’t beat yourself up. Waste of time. It happened. Xmas is difficult and I even spent dosh on a silly computer game. This isn t insurmountable. That pain you feel can only get worse the more we r stuck in the cycle ie rinse repeat.
Forgive yourself and repent. To some that may sound a bit religious but I have really found it helps. I am sorry, I will learn and I will try to do better. God is merciful and is a loving living God. You haven t failed. We emerge better Human beings for this awful addiction experience.
Your social things will come back. The retreating is because of what has just happened. It will shift and change. I believe u can do it cos u have done it. This last time was just a tricky test but you now know just say no to your mum. It’ll be ok.