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Thanks idi. Look forward to chat. Funnily enough there is a scanner that claims to do same. I read about it and they promote something called infoceuticals. It’s inventor passed of cancer so not the best ad really.
Well, turned on tv ten minutes before wedding having forgotten about it and sobbed whole way through. I think the public hold Harry and Wills close to their hearts and it was about Diana really. Who can forget the sight of the two boys following their mothers coffin? I also cried cos I have never married, no one in the family could afford the luxury of such things and I find it sad that over half our lives were spent in looking for a home and just the basics of life. But I did put a lot towards my daughters wedding so happy to have done that. It was one of the happiest days of my life but still blighted as i had been diagnosed with cancer the week before and would have surgery during her honeymoon.
Things that people take for granted in life was never part of my reality. That may sound sad but it isn’t!
Went to see my Chinese doctor and relaxed this time for the 30 or so more needles. You know you can feel it when you breathe that channels open up in your belly. Asked to be alert but not so whizzy, a bit calmer. Some more herbs today for the lower colon, says liver not so congested. And I have to say the eyes are 70 per cent better and I have had that problem for 9 months. I have to wonder whether something iffy is going on in the home particularly as I recognised petes symptoms with my own. Followed by a tui na massage, bits of your skin pulled off your bones. I felt sleepy and lighter afterwards. Bought some healthy food and cake then had a wimpy. That’s the story of me….
I have said to Pete to hold on to the keys and until Ben makes a decision he can come and go as he wanted. He was visibly relieved at this. He hasn’t been well at all and I don’t want to add to his stress. Nice and gently does it.
I bought Russell brands book on addiction, will see if I can find any nuggets of wisdom. I give thanks today for the money in my pocket and being able to spend it on things I need.