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looby loo

Hi Kathryn
Just popped over to say hello and glad to hear that life is good for you. Also wanted to let you know I am a Nanna. Daughter gave birth to a baby girl on 19 July weighing 9lbs 2oz. !!! All doing well, but life has been a bit hectic for the last few days. I am also doing some wedding flowers for a friend for a Wedding on Friday – remind me to say NO next time someone says ‘can you do me a favour’ !
Son seems well, still in regular communication, has moved accommodation again recently, not sure how, what, why, when and haven’t really had time to ask him. He is visiting on 7/8th August and his sister really is looking forward to him seeing his new niece. She was sad the other evening when she said everyone else has seen her but not her Uncle. I tried to explain that this was because he lived away, but a visit was imminent and I know he would not be thinking for one minute that everyone except him has seen the baby – hormones and all that I think?, but I do understand that she misses him to.
Well that is my update. Keep on keeping on K. It’s good to read that your life is good.
Much love
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWe must look forward and must never look back, we cannot change what has already happened. The future is brighter.Looby Loo