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Hey happy birthday Kathryn
You are doing so well.  I have read through your posts and i want to thank you with all that you went through for still having time to post to me.  You are amazing girl!  I am in awe you have made it so long, i cannot wait to be able to say i have even done it a month, today is unfortunately my day one again!  ive gone back to square one and desperately desperately want to stop.  I am going to self exclude hopefully in the next few days but i am scared on my own, i am going to maybe ask someone from ga to come with me.  I lost it again and thought i was ok, what was i thinking.  Back on track today is my day one but this is it, i need to save my own life and not ruin my sons.
Thanks so much for your posts to me, it really is such a help.  I find the struggle pretty constant.  I know it will ease later on.