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      Hey well here I am posting on here after a  little over a year…. 15 months of no gambling… then the other day paid off my debt mgmt program and off I went to the csasino… lost my butt of course cuz thats what happens there…..I even callled my hubby fo=irst to tell him i was going which was a first for me… I never called I always lied about where ai was… he just said remember what happens… basically he was saying remember you r goung there to lose and come home that’s exactly what i did :(……so i decided rather than kick out my teeth I would get back in here… pppl are always so supportive and welcoming…… I am 15 months and two days in recovery… not 15 months, slip and out of recovery 🙂 I hope to be back for maybe I go for two years this time !!! LOL    jk
      CHer~no other success can compensate for failure in the home……David O. McKay

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