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      It all started Oct 2009 when i attended a seminar in an out-of-town casino-hotel. I tried some slots and won a few hundred dollars right away, beginners’ luck, as they say. When i went back home, i started looking for a casino near our place, and been stuck with it since. There were times that i’ve won the jackpot but then after going back several times, almost daily, it’s late that i realized i have already spent MORE than what i’ve won and thereby losing more than ever. It has become a daily habit for me – After work or sometimes during breaktime, i would sneak out the office and go there, spending 1-2 hours, having my lunch there. Sometimes winning is easy but most often losing (ranges from USD300 to USD 1600) a day. I must admit that i’ve been a “regular” in this casino and even got a VIP card. The losing streak these past week has been devastating to me. I’ve already lost all my income for Dec, including my bonuses. And now i have nothing to spend for Christmas until New Year. I’m avoiding my friends, family, colleagues now. And refused to attend any of the parties this season. I’m very lonely now and blame myself for everything that has happened. Is there any way that i can be rehabilitated? Please show me the way. Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks!

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