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Hello group!
Another number on the forum here asked me a very good question and I just thought I would give my answer on my own feed here….
Going through withdrawal/craving symptoms seem to be really strong for me?

Maybe it is the same for everybody else? The feelings are so overwhelmingly strong or so I feel, that most of the time I say the heck with it, and give into the addiction.😭

Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid of these feelings of fight/surrender?

Also, another member mentioned how much money is saved by not gambling, I definitely see my finances dwindling, and I have not won a bet in over two months …which tells me I need to stop for sure

So I would like to ask a question:
are the first two weeks or even the first week, the hardest of no gambling to endure? Do the feelings of withdrawal and cravings subside considerably after that amount of time.?