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Got back from 2 weeks away on a camping trip. Was great to be in the outdoors. Do lots of walking, swimming in the sea. Felt like I have reconnected to things that are positive and beneficial.
Quit smoking, I took a vape that ran out after a few days. When you are staying on a campsite miles from the nearest shop then you kind of deal with it. Yeh, got back and have urges to smoke but going to try and stay strong there.
Been about 5 months gamble free now. It has been tough but I am definitely looking more forwards than backwards now.
To use the whole experience to create a better outlook on life.
A lot of things are in my control so I need to make the right choices.
If things happen that are out of my control I have to be accepting and deal with that positively.
I feel things are starting to click in moving forward. However, complacency has been my downfall in the past. I must be wary of that.
Best wishes all.