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Glad to hear you got your computer fixed, P!
My phone is one of those «idiot proof»types ( I have 2 actually), that would not allow me to post. Just useful for texting and phoning. No extras!
Why would you put a bet on a horse, P? I have no interested in that type of gambling but can see the risk of cross addiction for a CG.
I’m trying to sort out my retirement business. If I had known it would cause all this stress, I think I would have continued working. I still keep in touch with my ex colleagues and I feel as if I’m just on annual leave and will be going back in a few days. I only worked for less than nine years in that job. Had a long career break. Went back to earn money to pay off my then «not too huge» gambling debts and the rest is history….
Anyway, P, I want you to know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Life can be a struggle at times. I have yet to meet a person who never gets a cross to carry, but as we all know gambling solves none of Life’s problems! Just creates more and more , if we allow it to.
Chin up, P!
You’re doing great!