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Hello Iwillbeatthis and welcome to the forum. Well done on looking for help. If you are reading the other stories here you will have seen that you are not alone with this problem, you will also ahve seen the sort of things that have helped others to stop gambling. – which of those things can you apply to your own situation?

How about getting yourself banned from your local/usual casino? Ask your husband to go with you when you get yourself excluded, it will both help you stop gambling and show him how serious you are about sorting out this problem.

Financial accountability helps as well, again your husband can help with that. It wil be important to come clean about any and all debts though, trying to keep debts hidden can in itself send someone back to gambling.

It is important to use support, if any of us could do it on our own then we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Luckily there is a lot of support avaialble these days – here and otehr sites like this, we also have live groups as well as the forums and a one to one helpline. Gamblers Anonymous meetigns also help many, counselling and more options are avaialble.

Now, the trip to Vegas. If it was me I wouldn’t go but the trip is paid for and it’s your decision. IF you go though then plan your trip before you go. Don’t spend your time there watching your relatives gamble, that will make it pretty much impossible for you. I know people who have gone to Vegas and not gambled, they ahve seen the sites, gone to the shows, gone on sight seeign trips etc etc Plan those trips before you go, have your time tied up away from gambling.

Is your husband going with you? Or someone you trust to both hold your money and be strong enough not to let you have it to gamble with?

You have already told people about your problem, whether they understand or not it is important that you ask them not to lend you any money for you to gamble with while you are there. Have that discussion BEFORE you go of course.

In the future then you will need to find other ways to meet up with family. A beach holiday maybe, theatre trips or whatever.

Whether you decide to go to Vegas or not, whatever happens there whne you do the important thing is to use the support tha is available to you. Keep posting here and hopefully I will also meet you in a group here soon.