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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for writing on my post. I’ve been pretty busy working and trying to live. 🙂
I haven’t gambled and don’t think about it much these days. The other day I did see a lotto ticket and thought for a second that would be fun…. But that was about it. It’s been a tough time of things lately as I’ve lost someone I really cared about and looked up too.
Hi I Did it, Jonboy, Johnny B, and Monica – I hope you are all doing well. I understand the feelings that you are having Jonboy. I have felt it myself many times.
I wish I could say that once we stop gambling everything gets better… The thing is, it does get better from the stand point that you don’t have the gamble hanging over you every minute… You don’t have that stress. But it doesn’t;t change the rest of things that drove you to gamble. We have to figure out a positive way to deal with that reason.
I should start writing on here again. Be well all. Let me see if I can write something on my other post.