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It ended up taking a turn for the worst. I tried to go to bed after the message i wrote, couldnt sleeo because my mind kept thinking about how disappointed i was for losing 100$. I ended up going on the hunt to find another site, found one with games that im familiar with and just like you said, i wasnt even sure if i was going to be able to cash out but i was just glad they would take my money. 

I blew my entire pay check once again in less than half an hour. Kept depositing 100$ each time to make the money back and making bullshit excuses to myself for why to keep depositing. Did it over and over and over till my account was cleaned out. Then i definitely couldnt sleep and am just finishing a 12 hour shift at work now after having 30mins sleep before. Been in a decent mood today though since ive been busy and i know where i went wrong. No more watching videos of gambling, no more «little» deposits as im just going to end up trying to make it back no matter how small the loss is.

Also i checked out the gamban thing and looked at the list of sites it blocks but every site ive ever used are not on the blocklist. I am from new zealand so maybe its a U.S thing?

Thanks for your reply btw. I think ill be okay next week. Taking it day by day