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Hi All,
Im just about to head to bed, but felt i needed to post.
I cant believe how quickly the week goes now that im working full time, its quite extrodinary.  I am feeling that i am a useful person in this world, although i miss the forum a lot as i was here quite a few hours every day. I do read a lot, and weekend chat is wonderful of course.
Today i went to town with Jode.  My list was fairly short, socks for the boys, a birthday present for Jodes youngest son, underwear for me, groceries on the way home.
I managed to come home wth the socks, present and underwear, along with 2 pairs of trousers, 4 tops, 3 necklaces, and no groceries!!! At least now my work wardrobe is done, and i will be doing the groceries tomorrow…lol. Dames was not impressed!!
I have been thinking about gambling the last few days.  Not in the sense that i want to go, but i am starting to panic a little about my 1 year anniversary.  Ive been told that the thoughts can creep up during this time, and i need to organise my self exclusion, i do not want one day where i will be free of it as i do not even want to contemplate the thoughts of going, it terrifies me.  To think that this addiction could once again take me over, and send me back is too frightening for me to contemplate.  I will be ringing both places on Monday to try and sort out a time to meet, im hoping that a Saturday will be ok, if not, i may need to make up a small story to work, and start later.  Im not quite ready to tell them yet, i know i will in time, it just feels too soon for me.
Anyway, i have a few weeks, but better sooner than later i say. 
I hope to see many of you on chat this weekend, take care everyone,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan