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Hi All,
I had a great day today, well maybe not great but pretty good…went for a big walk with Jode, (are you reading that RG?) did a heap of housework (but quite a lot to go) and Brea and i played hairdressers.  We looked on the internet at up do’s for the wedding and found one (if anyone cares you can google Hayden Pantteire Emmy hairdo) and then Brea did it.  She just did it, i was quite amazed what a fantastic job she did, curling and pinning and the like.  I dont know why i bothered to book into the hairdressers, its too late now and they are doing my makeup as well. So im going to pay for a do that my gorgeous girl could have done for free…and the fascinator looks great with it too so im really happy.  I have the photo to take with me on Saturday.
Im going to work tonight, yes, with my gorgeous hair, i think its hilarious…all the oldies will be wondering whats going on????
The boys have been brilliant today, the made a ‘game club’ in their bedroom, whatever that is…it has kept them busy all day and now Baileys 2 friends have turned up so they are happy, which makes me happy.
Quite a few gambling thoughts, just little flashes in my head, nothing that makes me want to go, i just think i am being aware of whats happening and stopping it before it starts.
Anyway, i hope you all had a great day, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time