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I’m fine thanks you Brother. And all the better from seeing your post this morning. It made me smile.
I’d like to add a few more things to my ‘Things I will never do or never do again list’. These can be my 9 commandments that I will, in time, and (g) to  to make 10.
1.I will never drink sambuca again after some girl poured it up my nose when I was standing on my head as an 18 year old! That took some admitting!
2. I will never again eat Corned Beef **** having had a really bad night getting rid of it once many years ago!
3. I have never and will never eat butter. I hate it and don’t see the point of it and don’t get it.
4. I would never hurt anyone.
5. I will never go to the opera.
6. I will never smoke. Lucky one this but I have never even had one drag in my life.
7. I will never eat cucumber.
8. I will never jump out of any kind of flying machine.
9. I will definitely never walk over those hot coals anywhere in the world.
10……. (g)??
All of these things are not even maybe’s for me. I am so so so stubborn if I want to be too. I will never and never want to do any of these things. And I won’t. So how can it be so difficult to add (g) to it? I have still not (g’d) since I returned to the site this time and have only come semi close a couple of ***** but found some will power not to do anything. One of those ***** took a lot of will power and strength but I did it. It just ***** to become like the other things on the list. I never ever came close to eating Corned Beef ****!!?