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Thank you so much jenny,

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond like the others who have done the same on my story.

It’s so comforting to hear others who have gone through a similar path to mine, it makes me feel less alone.

Your all right about me having to look after myself, I am slowly planning ways in which to improve my life, and be happy within myself. Looking at a short part time course etc…

I want to be more than I am now, have so many aspirations and dreams, and would love to fulfil them.

The past few days have been strange, but I am just going with the flow. He’s very quiet, and keeps himself to himself when it’s the two of us, but is in daddy mode when the kids are home.

Maybe he feels less judged by them, I don’t know. I just have decided to stop nagging, or bringing up the rules and what we agreed your right I can’t put a grown man to bed.

If he will make another bet then he will do it, nothing I can do is going to stop that.

I finally said that out loud to myself today, and it was like a instant relief, albeit painful and a harsh reality it is the truth.

His family are being supportive of me and I feel it’s brought us a lot closer.

I have now decided to focus on me for a while. Do something that will make me happy. I’ll be booking a massage this weekend leaving him with the kids, and i told myself if he gambles while your gone then that’s his problem and not yours.

Gambling has taken over my mind, my happiness, my husband, my home, our relationship, bond, everything and I hate it with every part of my soul.

It’s destructive beyond belief….

This is the start of this journey for me, I don’t know what will happen but I feel so relieved not to be the only one who knows what he is doing. It was such a huge burden for me, but not anymore..

Thank you all xx