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it went pretty well, but we both do not see eye to eye. It is clear that he is wrapped up in addictive thinking and is not willing to stop at this time but is willing to only use $100 a month towards gambling and to not access three times a week. He does have me place his money in account that he cannot access it, so it is possible, unless he borrows money from other people. He knows how strongly I feel about him stopping and continuing to seek help. His therapist said although he agrees that he should not be gambling and that he feels this is a dangerous road, that it Is good that he is being honest about how he feels and speaking openly. We plan to continue meeting with the therapist weekly and discussing everything. I also requested he keep a gambling journal so that we can look back and see how much he bet, how much he won/lost, and how he felt when doing it. The situation is by NO means ideal and I’m still very upset about it, but with the way current situations are in our world I’m not sure I’m ready to ask him to leave as long as he continue to pays he share of the bills. It’s very difficult. I feel like I’m constantly waiting for him to crash and burn. Thank you for checking in!