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Had a bad day

Well thank you all for your words of support. I appreciate it so much and it really helps to keep me focused. I’ve managed 2weeks. When I’m busy I don’t think much about gambling but when I have a free moment like now I really do. I’ve been so tempted this morning to go to the lottery website and buy scratch cards. I came here instead as I thought spending the time writing down whats happening will deter me from actually going along with these cravings. I have money in my account but not much. Its enough to cover my minimum credit payments this month and a tiny bit over for any other things that crop up. I’d be very silly to spend that on scratch cards. I have more ebay stuff to do this morning and try to keep the momentum going with that. Also if I keep busy cleaning the house that should keep me out of trouble. I have school sports day in the afternoon if it’s not rained off.
How is everyone else? I hope it’s been a calm weekend for all of you xx