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Many thanks Adele and Harry for pointing me in the right direction :). It’s great to see ‘my’ times now on the group times, maths was never my strong point! I got to group yesterday and feel better now (thanks Velvet as always). That hour always goes so quick but as always, the advice and support is invaluable and I was able to slightly change the way I deal with my cg yesterday. It’s so easy to slip back into old familiar ways to cope with this addiction and the truth is if its not working you have to change something. From a technical point of view the group ran more smoothly, no lag etc and the reminder of only 5 minutes to go. I can’t remember if it said if someone was typing or not. I find that helpful on other chat groups, so you know to wait for a reply. Apologies if I let my frustration slip the other day, I had worked 20 hours in the previous 48 and was trying to deal with my very anxious cg and his dramas too (along with everything else). Many thanks for your support. San x