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I read your post and was struck how you ended casually by saying you had gambled. I hope that is not the case and you meant you went to the casino with friends whilst they gambled.
nEither way it means that things are not under control. This behaviour is sneaky and you may find you can go a few times but the next time when you’ve had a few drinks and your guard is down ….
nPlease take this behaviour seriously – it is not something to be half-hearted about. You have only have to read some of the posts in this forum to see the stress and anxiety that gambling can cause – not to mention the financial, relationship and physical problems .
nAnyway – I hope I got the wrong end of the stick and you are still gamble free. Let your friends know that you are not a gambler and ask them to go somewhere else next time – there are plenty of alternatives to casinos. I wish you well!