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Kathryn…good morning!  Just catching up on your thread and note that there has been no resolution to the saga yet.  I can’t imagine how you are holding up under this pressure.  If you are able to remain gamble-free through this, there isn’t anything you can’t handle.  I won’t offer an opinion, just my warm thoughts and a cross-universe hug!
Hey, I love rollercoasters too!  I want to climb on with all of you.  Like Meg says, I’ll throw my arms up in the air and just go with the ride.  Oh, once I talked my ex-husband into going on one (he hates rides), and the little car chugged to the top of the first hill…..and stopped.  We were stuck there for five minutes.  At which point it was a good thing it started going again, because one of us was going over the side if it didn’t.  He kept saying "are you happy now?  are you?" and I kept saying shut up.  I love rollercoasters, but I hate heights. 
Stay strong my girl.  Life will bring what it brings.  Just throw your arms up and embrace the ride!