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Hi All,
Yesterday was a massive day for me.  I went shopping with Jode.  Now, Jode always has 5 million things to do.  I had 1.  I needed to pick up a layby for christmas i had put on for the kids.  She needed to do…..everything!
We left home at 8.20am, dropped the kids off and headed in. We got quite a lot accomplished in the first few hours, went and had some lunch (which by the way, was awful) and we had to go to another shopping center, not too far from our car to see about a fax/printer/scanner for jode.  By this time we had her little boy in the stroller, and 4 massive bags on the arms (of the stroller)  Jode picked out her fax, and we left it and went to another shop, where i bought 2 boogie boards for the boys, from mum for xmas.  They were pretty big.  Anyway, long story short…Jode hates making 2 trips for anything and so she decided we could carry the boogie boards (which were balanced on the stroller) and all the bags, and i would carry the fax machine.  It was about a 10 minute walk.  It was excruciating, the box was massive, we were nearly dead by the time we got to the car.  And we laughed the whole way.  She kept saying to me ‘stop for a rest’ and i kept saying ‘i have momentum, im not stopping’. We got home at 3pm.
Last night we went to the movies, me, Jode, Brea and Jodes sister in law to be (remember, that dress?)  We went for dinner and saw New Moon, it was a great night.  I am so tired today its not funny and my arms are screaming from carrying that fax machine. It is one of the busiest days i have had in a long time.
Tomorrow i am working at the market with my step dad, selling vegetables.  Im back to work on Monday. I have had a whole month off and got nothing done,eg, i was going to clean the oven, but i will get it done eventually.
Oh, the other exciting news is that im a grandmother!  Yes, im a granny.  Breas rabbits, who we were told were both female, managed the impossible and we have 3 gorgeous little babies.  I wish you could have seen Breas face, she came inside screaming, it was so funny.  I went to the pet shop to get some straw this morning and the lady there was a rabbit breeder so i got all the info.  We have separated the rabbits, but unfortunately it was too late, aparently the second the female gives birth she is re-impregnated so in 28 days we are going to have another lot.  We will sell them when they are ready and they are beautiful rabbits so i dont think we will have any trouble.
I hope you all had a great thanksgiving, and have a great weekend.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!